The Ampneys, Driffield with harnHill and poulton


Contact us:

Vicar:    The Rev’d John Swanton


Home No: 01285 851309

Address: The Rectory

                Ampney Crucis



                GL7 5RY

Curate    The Rev’d Lynn Hayler


Home No: 01285 711698

Address: 5 Pips Field Way



                GL7 4FG


Ampney Crucis:

Mr John Ducker


Ampney St Peter &

Ampney St Mary:

Mrs Chris Copley

Mr Michael Eliot

Down Ampney:

Mr Derek Skinner

Mrs Adrienne Stokes

Driffield with Harnhill:

Mrs Sue Philips



Mrs Rosie Arkwright


Please find attached the Annual Report for our Parishes:

APCM Annual Report 2015.pdf


Welcome to our website for five rural parishes - with seven beautiful and historic churches - in the South Cotswolds near Cirencester. 

Tuesday 25th April

6pmMeditation and Communion                 Poulton

3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday 30th April

10amParish Communion                            Ampney St Peter

Noon             Baptism of Freya Fonte                         Ampney Crucis

4th Sunday of Easter

Sunday 7th May

  8am             Holy Communion                                     Ampney Crucis

10amParish Communion                            Down Ampney

  6pm             Evensong                                                   Ampney St Mary


Dear Friends and Neighbours

I Googled and then goggled!  I was looking on the Internet for a suitable picture for an Easter poster.  I simply put the word "Easter" into a search engine and was amazed at the images it found for me.  My computer screen was filled with brightly coloured eggs, rabbits (cartoon and real) and yellow, fluffy chicks.

Only about a dozen images out of over 300 had any overtly Christian content, often crosses against dramatic sunsets - a bit of a cliché really. I began to wonder if the 300 pictures were a sort of snapshot of how people perceive Easter - a welcome bank holiday with extra chocolate.

It’s easy to understand why some events of the original Easter are unappealing.  At the first Easter, Jesus, who had never done anything wrong was put on trial on trumped up charges. He was killed in a barbaric way on a cross.  No wonder people don’t want to hear such bad news.

Happily, the bad news is more than outweighed by the good news.  In the willing death of Jesus, God found a way to make our forgiveness his gift while still showing that wrongdoing and falling short of his best intentions for us are still serious matters.  As the Son of God, Jesus overcame death; he rose from death, never to die again. Jesus shows us that death is not the end of the story of our life.

Resurrection is important because Christians believe it's what we will also experience one day.  The resurrection of Jesus is the first of millions, or as the Bible puts it, "The fact is that Christ has been raised from the dead. He has become the first of a great harvest of those who will be raised to life again." (1 Corinthians 15 v 20 New Living Translation)

What are all the eggs about then?

Easter eggs have a Christian origin.  In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, eggs were dyed red at Easter to represent the blood of Christ, shed on the Cross.  The hard shell of the egg symbolized his sealed tomb.  When the egg was cracked it was a reminder of his resurrection from the dead.  This doesn't seem to get a mention if you read the packaging of most Easter eggs!Happy Easter!

….  And Google ‘Ampney Vicar’ for our website!

Rev’d John Swanton, Team Rector

If you would like a member of the clergy to visit or bring you home Communion please do let the Rector know – 01285 - 851309


The Parishes of Ampney Crucis, Ampney St Peter & Ampney St Mary, Down Ampney,

Driffield with Harnhill and Poulton

in the South Cotswolds Team Ministry