The Ampneys, Driffield with harnHill and poulton


Contact us:

Vicar:    The Rev’d John Swanton


Home No: 01285 851309

Address: The Rectory

                Ampney Crucis



                GL7 5RY

Curate    The Rev’d Lynn Hayler


Home No: 01285 711698

Address: 5 Pips Field Way



                GL7 4FG


Ampney Crucis:



Ampney St Peter &

Ampney St Mary:

Mrs Chris Copley

Mr Michael Eliot

Down Ampney:

Mr Derek Skinner

Mrs Adrienne Stokes

Driffield with Harnhill:

Mrs Sue Philips

Mr James Lockhart


Mrs Rosie Arkwright


Please find attached the Annual Report for our Parishes:

APCM Annual Report 2016.doc


Welcome to our website for five rural parishes - with seven beautiful and historic churches - in the South Cotswolds near Cirencester. 

Each Tuesday

9.15am          Informal Prayers with coffee           Poulton

Each Tuesday and Thursday

9pm               Compline                                                 Harnhill

Wednesday 20th September

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Castle Eaton

15th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 24th September

  8am             Holy Communion                                   Driffield

10amParish Communion                          Poulton

  4pm             4 Families Service - Harvest               Down Ampney

  6pm             Holy Communion                                   Ampney Crucis

Wednesday 27th September

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Castle Eaton

Wednesday 4th October

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Bibury

Wednesday 11th October

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Down Ampney

Wednesday 18th October

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Southrop

Wednesday 25th October

5pm              Evening Prayer                                        Marston Meysey


Dear Friends and Neighbours

At heart, I am a naturally shy and reserved person (truly!), so making small talk and chatting with ‘strangers’ is a bit of a challenge.  But, it is something I know I have to do – and it goes with the job of being a Vicar!

When I talk with people and find out more about them, the more I discover that I like them (mostly); and this is because they often tell me their story - something about themselves - and why it is they have become the people they are today.  It is a real privilege to hear these stories.

It’s at such times that I remember that proverb from the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans –

“Don’t criticize a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes”

I have learned not to come to too hasty a judgement, or form an opinion about something or someone too quickly.  For some, this might seem as indecision, or sitting on the fence.  But I know – all too often – that a situation has more than one side or perspective; and one needs to take some time to find out the whole story.

We live in a time when people are all too ready to express their views and opinions too quickly about circumstances and situations when they are not necessarily in possession of all the facts.  Facebook, Twitter and the press in various guises are keen to hear our views and opinions – ‘now’. 

Sadly, as a result, too many people are damned or demonized before they get a fair hearing; and relatively few are made hero’s or saints.

When Jesus asked his followers to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ (Mark 12:31), I believe he was asking us to seek to understand a little more about the person we are tempted to criticize; and in doing so, we might find that ‘there but the grace of God, go I’.

I wonder – whose shoes would you want to walk in, to find out why it is they have become the person they are today?

Rev’d John Swanton, Team Rector

If you would like a member of the clergy to visit or bring you home Communion please do let the Rector know – 01285 - 851309


The Parishes of Ampney Crucis, Ampney St Peter & Ampney St Mary, Down Ampney,

Driffield with Harnhill and Poulton

in the South Cotswolds Team Ministry