The Ampneys, Driffield with harnHill and poulton


Contact us:

Vicar:    The Rev’d John Swanton


Home No: 01285 851309

Address: The Rectory

                Ampney Crucis



                GL7 5RY

Curate    The Rev’d Lynn Hayler


Home No: 01285 711698

Address: 5 Pips Field Way



                GL7 4FG


Ampney Crucis:



Ampney St Peter &

Ampney St Mary:

Mrs Chris Copley

Mr Michael Eliot

Down Ampney:

Mr Derek Skinner

Mrs Adrienne Stokes

Driffield with Harnhill:

Mrs Sue Philips

Mr James Lockhart


Mrs Rosie Arkwright


Please find attached the Annual Report for our Parishes:

APCM Annual Report 2016.doc


Welcome to our website for five rural parishes - with seven beautiful and historic churches - in the South Cotswolds near Cirencester. 

Wednesday 19th July

2pm                School Leavers’ Service                    Ampney Crucis

Friday 21st July

2pm                School Leavers’ Service                    Down Ampney

6th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 23rd July

  8am             Holy Communion                                   Driffield

10amParish Communion                          Poulton

6pm               Evensong                                                  Down Ampney

7th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 30th July

  8am             Holy Communion                                   Ampney St Mary

11amParish Communion                          Ampney St Peter

                        with Baptism

                        Please note change of time


Dear Friends and Neighbours

Time is money, it’s said – and we talk about it in similar terms, such as spending time and saving time.  It is a finite commodity for each of us, and unique too, in that we have to spend it because we cannot store it.  So there’s logic in using it wisely.

Time is mentioned over 1,000 times in the Bible.  King David said (Psalm 31:15) “My times are in your hands”, vowing to be obedient to God’s guidance so that his life would go well.  Jesus once said (John 7:6) “My time is not yet ready, but for you any time is right”.  In Ecclesiastes chapter 3 we famously read that “there is a time for every purpose under heaven”, meaning that there’s a right time for everything, which also infers there’s a wrong time too!  But notice that it says “every purpose”; and sometimes our purpose is not an activity. 

It’s easy to assume that we have to be active, rushing between jobs to make sure every moment of time is filled and used, but it ain’t necessarily so, and I need to learn that lesson as much as anyone! 

Time spent in thoughtful preparation is as vital as the action we prepare for – and time spent with our eyes closed is often the most developmental – whether asleep as we renew energy, or evaluating the day, or in prayer.  Time with those we love is always well spent, whether the Lord, a partner, our families, or the countryside and the pastimes we love.

How are you going to spend your time today, tomorrow, all the time you have?  Perhaps it’s a matter of balance, blending our doing with our being, in work, rest and play, and spending quality time in planning our time!  May I invite you to stop for a while, take stock of where you are, see what’s happening around you, notice what truly needs to be done, who and what deserves the best of your time, then place your times in the Lord of eternity who invented time.

Rev’d John Swanton, Team Rector

If you would like a member of the clergy to visit or bring you home Communion please do let the Rector know – 01285 - 851309


The Parishes of Ampney Crucis, Ampney St Peter & Ampney St Mary, Down Ampney,

Driffield with Harnhill and Poulton

in the South Cotswolds Team Ministry