The Ampneys, Driffield with harnHill and poulton


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Vicar:    The Rev’d John Swanton


Home No: 01285 851309

Address: The Rectory

                Ampney Crucis



                GL7 5RY

Curate    The Rev’d Lynn Hayler


Home No: 01285 711698

Address: 5 Pips Field Way



                GL7 4FG


Ampney Crucis:



Ampney St Peter &

Ampney St Mary:

Mrs Chris Copley

Mr Michael Eliot

Down Ampney:

Mr Derek Skinner

Mrs Adrienne Stokes

Driffield with Harnhill:

Mrs Sue Philips

Mr James Lockhart


Mrs Rosie Arkwright


Please find attached the Annual Report for our Parishes:

APCM Annual Report 2015.pdf


Welcome to our website for five rural parishes - with seven beautiful and historic churches - in the South Cotswolds near Cirencester. 

What’s On

7th Sunday of Easter - Sunday after Ascension

Sunday 28th May

  8am             Holy Communion                                     Harnhill

10amParish Communion                           Poulton

Tuesday 30th May

   6pm            Holy Communion and Meditation      Poulton


Sunday 4th June

  8am             Holy Communion                                     Ampney Crucis

10amParish Communion                           Down Ampney

   6pmEvensong                                           Ampney St Mary


Dear Friends and Neighbours

It is the season of elections – local elections, parliamentary elections, the French elections and talk about the German elections later in the year.  There is already much political analysis and comment about what might be; policy development and who will and won’t be standing.  It’s a difficult time in public life as there is a certain skepticism, if not cynicism, about that breed called ‘politicians’.  And, let’s face it, some of them have not been a credit to political life.

Yet, my experience is that the vast majority of those who seek election to public office are decent, good-hearted people who want to serve their community and work to improve things.

Of course, when deciding who to vote for we need to question, challenge and test those who are asking for our support.  We should use our critical faculties and be ‘as wise as serpents and innocent as doves’ as Jesus puts it (Matthew 10:16).  Being shrewd and thoughtful, making up your own mind is a good thing.

Jesus himself knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of skepticism and cynicism – the religious elite of the day were regularly questioning and challenging him; he was mocked by soldiers; and I still can’t quite decide whether Pilate’s sign place on the cross – ‘King of the Jews’ – was cynical or a statement of a new found belief.  Even Jesus’ own disciples were initially skeptical, if not cynical, about the events surrounding the cross and resurrection – ‘Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hands in his side, I will not believe’ (John 20:25).  Yet doubting Thomas had his mind changed days later when he saw the risen Jesus.  Ordinary men and women who were very much of this world, saw something amazing and new that changed their lives for ever.

It seems that we live in a world where there is increasing skepticism and cynicism; whilst I am sure that questioning is a good thing, its important not to be too cynical. 

“It is cynicism and fear that freeze life; it is faith that thaws it out, releases it and sets it free”.  (Harry Fosdick)

Rev’d John Swanton, Team Rector

If you would like a member of the clergy to visit or bring you home Communion please do let the Rector know – 01285 - 851309


The Parishes of Ampney Crucis, Ampney St Peter & Ampney St Mary, Down Ampney,

Driffield with Harnhill and Poulton

in the South Cotswolds Team Ministry