The Ampneys, Driffield with harnHill and poulton


Contact us:

Vicar:    The Rev’d John Swanton


Home No: 01285 851309

Address: The Rectory

                Ampney Crucis



                GL7 5RY

Curate    The Rev’d Lynn Hayler


Home No: 01285 711698

Address: 5 Pips Field Way



                GL7 4FG


Ampney Crucis:



Ampney St Peter &

Ampney St Mary:

Mrs Chris Copley

Mr Michael Eliot

Down Ampney:

Mr Derek Skinner

Mrs Adrienne Stokes

Driffield with Harnhill:

Mrs Sue Philips

Mr James Lockhart


Mrs Rosie Arkwright


Please find attached the Annual Report for our Parishes:

APCM Annual Report 2016.doc


Welcome to our website for five rural parishes - with seven beautiful and historic churches - in the South Cotswolds near Cirencester. 

Each Tuesday

9.00am          Informal Prayers with coffee           Poulton

Each Tuesday and Thursday

9pm               Compline                                                 Harnhill

Tuesday 20th February

   6.30pm        Poulton PCC Meeting

Thursday 22nd February

   2.00pm        Memorial Service for

                          the late Brenda Hibberd                       Poulton

Sunday 25th February

2nd Sunday of Lent

   8.00am        Holy Communion (BCP)                      Harnhill

10.00am        Parish Communion                                Poulton

Wednesday 28th February

11.00am        Coffee Morning in Village Hall            Down Ampney

2-4pm            Time for Tea at Village Hall                 Ampney Crucis


Dear Friends

I once heard a civil servant say that he expected every local authority to get into the ‘top quartile’ for a particular activity.  Now, I fully acknowledge that maths was never my best subject, but this seemed to be an illogical expectation, as a quartile can only ever (mathematically) have 25%!  How 100% of local authorities were going to be in the top 25% was beyond me!  But there was an assertive drive to improve performance – we all had to strive to be the best.

Striving for perfection is hard work, takes time and dedication – and can be very costly in terms of time, money and effort; and sometimes this is forgotten.

The French philosopher, Voltaire wrote –

“The best is the enemy of the good”.

Sometimes aiming to be or do the best means that we never finish what we set out to do, because it’s never perfect, never good enough, it’s not ‘the best’ – more work is needed, or we need to start again.

Increasingly, I am of the view that good is good enough. 

Recently I’ve been looking at adverts for Head-teachers, as we will be advertising for a new head-teacher at Ampney Crucis School shortly.  ‘Inspirational’, ‘Imaginative’, ‘Striving for Excellence’, ‘Challenging’, ‘Strong Leader’ and more, are all adjectives used in the adverts.  I wonder if anyone can be all these things and more?!  Similarly, in adverts for clergy posts parishes seem to be looking for the Archangel Gabriel

(-sorry, but you’ve got me!).

When we come before God, we don’t need to be in the top 25%; we don’t have to be ‘the best’; we don’t have to be anything other than ourselves.  God loves each one of us and wants us to fulfil our potential and live our lives to the full.  This does, of course, mean stretching ourselves, using our gifts, abilities and talents, reaching out, being fully who we are – and we are all work in progress.

Ultimately, God loves us for who we are, rather than what we have achieved.  Good is good enough for him.

The Rev’d John Swanton

If you would like a member of the clergy to visit or bring you home Communion please do let the Rector know – 01285 - 851309


The Parishes of Ampney Crucis, Ampney St Peter & Ampney St Mary, Down Ampney,

Driffield with Harnhill and Poulton

in the South Cotswolds Team Ministry